Wednesday, September 7, 2016

3D print dump Orc and Guard mini

It's been a minute so Here is a kind of a dump of what I have been working on. Some models to 3D print and some Test Mini's Sculpted in Zbrush then sent to Shapeways for printing.

Started with kind of a generic Marauder Orc and then I made a town guard for him to fight. I used two different materials for both and had them printed at  a roughly 28mm scale.



Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Grhamrok print

So after painting the clear goblin head, I decided I like the look of the Prime Gray material from i.materilise better just because it doesn't need any finish work. I got this made for my friend at our Nerd night, I think it turned out alright. Lost some of the finer details like the scars but they are still there under certain angles. :P

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Yes I AM an Orc... and Yes I CAN read...

Another character sculpt from my verbal game group. This one is mine. Hiram Creed, a disgraced Orc Tinkerer. I think I wanna re-work the beard before I have this one printed but with some good crits from my friends I think it's turned out alright.

Trying to make his scalp gnarled and scarred from being scalped while being poisoned by a Hemotoxin, stopping his healing factor from kicking in.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Alas poor Grhamrok, I knew him well.

I did a variant of my goblin sculpt to be a character forma Verbal game I play with some coworkers on Thursdays. Poor Grhamrok the slave born goblin; he found religion and died flagellating himself in the cargo hold of a sea ship. Well, Our friend Thad will have to spin up a new character, but this will do for the headstone.

I had planned on doing busts of each character even before he died in our adventure, and I needed the practice. :/

I tried to capture his mischievous nature (like any good goblin) with the pose and show his lifetime of lashings and fighting as a slave with all the scars and gnarled ears.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

3D printed Goblin

Went ahead and decided to get the Goblin printed as a side by side test. I always wanted to try the Frosted Ultra Detail material from Shapeways and I had already had a print done by i Materialize in their Prime gray material (I liked it quite a bit) so I wanted to compare them with the same model.

First one I got was only about an inch and a half tall in Ultra detail by Shapeways

Turned out pretty good, details got lost so I had to light it from beneath to get a decent picture, I need to pick up some model paints and see how well it takes.

The Prime Gray version I accidentally ordered a little bigger.

Unfortunately, even though it was bigger, a couple details collapsed in printing (the ear rings and a few teeth) But all in all, it makes for a very handsome desk objet d'art.
I Don't know if I will try to paint this one, I might try to paint the smaller Giant's head I had made way back when just to test the material.

Final verdict: Though it was a smaller model for roughly the same price and is going to require some painting to make presentable, I was more impressed with Shapeways' Frosted Ultra Detail material. We'll see how well it takes paint.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Drawloween day 3

I still owe the  universe for day 2 but I was tired.

Took WAY too long on this (5 hours from sketches to "completion" :P)
But Drawloween day 3. Technically not a drawing but like a wise man once said: "Whatever."

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Drawloween day 1: Ghost

Quick little drawing I cooked up in about 30 min. Next up is Devil.